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This book is, or rather was, a work in progress. A new version, short enough to maybe be finished before I am, is underway in the background.

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Must money seem scary and complicated?

Money Blind is a book about systematically overcoming self-deception around your finances.

It’s written for all those who’ve ever wondered what to do with the money in their life.

What to do with money – be it spending, saving, or investing it, or thinking about it and living with it – confuses everyone, regardless of how much of it they’ve got.

Yet I believe that everybody already knows the majority of what they need to make the most of the money in their life.

And the rest is ridiculously quickly learned.

But it’s hidden.

By the wiring of our brains.

By the influences of society.

And by an investment industry that’s incentivised to make you believe that managing money is so scary and complicated, that you’re better off hiring help before even contemplating what help it is that you need, or whether what’s relevant to you is really so scary in the first place.

Money Blind is my attempt to rewire your brain, rethink external influences, and re-examine what good advice looks like, to reveal and realise what is relevant about your relationship with money, and ultimately help you revolutionise it.

What is Money Blind? It's this.

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Long pages – Some of the pages take up to 20 minutes to read (though most are under 10). You’ll get no apology from me for this. If people only ever want Twitter trivialisations, then they don't want to become wiser, and with the best will in the world, I'm not going to be able to help them. On the plus side, 20 minutes of Twitter scrolling will be 99% reactive ephemera at best, hateful drivel at worst, whereas each page here should be stuffed with useful insights (and if it’s not, tell me!).

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