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You can’t comment here. For secret reasons.

However, I’m very open to engaging in thoughtful discussion about any of the topics I write about. Feel free to share a link, comment alongside it, and let me know. I’ll also be sharing other stuff on LinkedIn. Or e-mail me. Reading guaranteed. Replying not.

Insightful comments will make it onto the site in some way, and maybe one day the book’s acknowledgements page. Spot a typo and be entered into a prize draw.*

* timing and indeed existence of any prizes is to be confirmed and cannot be guaranteed.

Love, hate, and largely indifferent mail

All are welcome. If I’ve helped improve your life in some way and you want to thank me, buy the book. If you really want to thank me, buy it for everyone you know. If instead I’ve failed to do anything of the sort, but you think hating me will improve your life instead, go ahead: better to project it at me than someone who may give a crap. All I ask is that you at least try to be witty.

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No, you do not.

But people keep asking anyway.

So I’ve written up guidance.

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