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Each chapter contains a story.

If you wished they were all in one place, here you go.

If you suspect you're the real-life star of one of them, you probably are, unless you're asking for your libel lawyers, in which case you're definitely not.

In which a young millionaire realises that understanding financial-planning basics could easily be worth more than everything else they ever spend added together

In which the world's most typical riches-chasing fearer of rear-view mirrors starts to question if he'd be better off being slower to act like the Good Life is for sale, and quicker to question if this ever proves true

In which a couple realise that parenting is about presence, not presents and that even ostensibly value-driven decisions can be misleading if they are not thought through

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In which a man living his (and many others' dreams) channels his celebrity-stoic friends to realise (sort of) that balance-sheet dreams are a catch, not a thing to be caught, and you can have all the money in the world, but unless you’ve got something to do with it, it’s often just a cue for wasting time.

Many more to follow...

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